Klingman & Associates, LLC

Involved, engaged, independent

It’s one thing to build portfolios, but quite another to build relationships. Gerry Klingman

Maybe you’ve never used – or even thought of using – these three words to describe your financial advisor. But maybe it’s high time you should. After all, someone tasked with planning your financial future and managing your wealth should be more than a distant voice on the other end of a phone.

You’ll find we’re interested in more than the investments in your portfolio – though we’re highly qualified and equipped to help you make the most of them – we’re first and foremost interested in you. Of course your assets are important, but those assets are truly a means to an end. And that’s a well planned future based on your personal and financial goals.

Because it is upon our relationship with you that we’ll work shoulder to shoulder to bring together all the pieces of your financial life. That way, when you’re ready to plan the purchase of that special second home, send the kids to college, pay for the “wedding of the century” or even start that little business you’ve always dreamed of, we’ll know about it – and we’ll already have helped you to prepare.

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