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Affluent families

Our clients are like family. We pride ourselves on building deep relationships across multiple generations. Tom Klingman

For everything financial success affords you, there is an equal amount of responsibility – to preserve that success, to build on it and to provide for the future of your family. So, while you are in a unique position to enjoy some of the best life has to offer, you also face real concerns about how to help ensure your wealth lasts.

When it comes to financial planning, affluent families have much more to consider than tangible assets like investments, a family business or real estate. Transferring strongly held values along with your wealth is crucial. And to "pass down" your traditions you need to effectively communicate your intentions to the next generation.

That's why, in addition to offering a full spectrum of investment management and wealth planning services, we can help facilitate the important conversations between you and family members that will result in a sound legacy plan everyone can agree on.

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