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Strategic movement. Judicious action. A reasoned plan for your future.

Complex lives demand sophisticated financial planning. At Klingman & Associates, you’ll find a partner who understands the range of financial needs and responsibilities that come with success.

We recognize that clients’ financial goals are inherently intertwined with their life goals: educating children and grandchildren, achieving financial independence, owning homes where families are raised, supporting charitable causes, and finally, passing wealth responsibly to future generations. We’ll strive to learn as much as we can about your values, short- and long-term financial goals, risk tolerance and expectations – before we consider investment alternatives. Then, in collaboration with you, we’ll develop a comprehensive financial plan that strategically focuses on reaching each goal.

Step 1|Risk Analysis

When constructing your portfolio, we’ll always work within your preferred time frame and level of risk. Recognizing that different clients have different views of financial risk, we apply various quantitative and qualitative methods to help determine individual risk tolerance. We then contrast portfolios designed to achieve maximum return within the appropriate time frame and risk parameters.

Step 2|Asset Allocation

Asset allocation* is the process of combining different asset classes to help balance risk and return in constructing a portfolio. Studies have shown that asset allocation is the single most important factor in determining how a given portfolio will perform over time. Based on your goals, risk tolerance and time frame, we will work with you to choose a strategic asset allocation model and plan that meets your needs. On a quarterly basis, we apply a tactical overlay to this allocation based on our outlook for the markets and different asset classes over the short and medium-term.

Step 3|Investing

In implementing a client’s asset allocation plan, we focus on quality investments that meet our rigorous due diligence process. . We may use a combination of low cost, passive index tracking ETF’s as well as active managers that have demonstrated exceptional performance** over a long period of time. Although we utilize certain investment models, each client’s individual situation is taken into consideration.  Concentrated positions in company stock or options, real estate or direct business holdings, deferred compensation plans and tax consequences are just a few of the issues we address during the investment selection process.

Step 4|Managing for the Long Term

We believe portfolio management is one of our key strengths at Klingman & Associates. We monitor and manage the components of your portfolio so your asset allocation remains in line with your personal objectives. Rebalancing an investment portfolio over time adds considerable value. Periodic meetings with you will help make this process dynamic as we closely monitor how your needs evolve with time. We don’t just follow your investments; we will follow you and your interests over the long term. We help you weather shifting external factors so that you are free to pursue  your goals, both personal and financial.

* Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a los.

**Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss.

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