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Creating a Virtual Family Office

Like many of our clients, you may have a team of trusted advisors who advise and assist you, including CPAs, attorneys, family members, trustees and others. One important service we provide is the coordination of the many professionals involved in managing your personal financial planning.

We believe that coordinating our planning with the key advisors in your life helps add value to our client relationship and can result in a more manageable and satisfying investment experience.

With your consent, we will network with these professionals to help ensure a complete and cohesive management of your financial matters. The result is that all your account records are kept up to date and conveniently maintained in a single location.

At your request, we can also offer referrals to professionals we work with who can provide expertise that complements and broadens our own. We have established relationships with professionals in many disciplines, including:


Working with Raymond James

As an independent advisory business, Klingman & Associates does not hold assets on behalf of clients. Since 2006, Raymond James has  provided such custodial and brokerage services to our clients. Today, more than 7,700 advisors across the country trust Raymond James to service their business. Beyond holding and maintaining client assets, Raymond James helps support our business in many important ways including: providing access to leading investment research; surrounding our team with experts on a broad range of client oriented topics; offering operational and trading support to the Klingman team and our clients; and enabling us to access market leading technologies.

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