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Ensuring Your Caregivers Can Enable Medical Care for Your Children
November 11, 2022

When you leave your young children in the care of someone other than your spouse, did you know that they may not be able to seek medical care for them without a legal medical consent form?

Any first-time parent probably remembers that first trip away from your baby. A mix of sadness and excitement. (Maybe you’ll actually sleep in?!) Something you likely did not think of is “would the person watching my child be able to be make medical decisions for the baby while you’re gone?”. And why would you? If your spouse was taking care of your child, then you need not worry. But what if a grandparent or an aunt or a cousin, etc.… was in charge?

Unfortunately, if your baby got sick and needed medical care your caretaker would have no medical authority. Fortunately, you can easily have a document – a medical consent form – in place to temporarily assign these rights to your caregiver in your absence. We encourage all parents to speak with their attorney to have this document ready for the next time you and your spouse (finally) take that needed vacation.